Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my healthy clear-skin-food-diet-lifestyle-challenge

To those who don't know, I'm on a 8 week no junk, no preservatives only healthy food challenge.

I was doing good the first two weeks; eating healthy foods, eating extra fruits, vegetables and drinking a lot of water. I was also exercising twice a week and following my skin regimen.

My third week I was was getting lazy, tried to continue to eat healthy but I did go to taco bell and I drank soda.

The weekend before Christmas I ate the greasiest, fried, sugary, processed food I could imagine at this gift exchange party, I woke up the next morning wanting to throw up.

Last night I had taco bell because I felt like I deserved it but instead of a beef chalupa, I got chicken which I guess is better...

For the next four weeks I'm gonna discipline myself because I've been getting a little bit of pimples here and there but no more mr.nice girl ..lol

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