Friday, March 2, 2012

Feb/March Favorites

March Faves:
Body Mist - $8 ; Primer - $12 ; Foundation - $40

I was hoping to have a post on things I got from the goodwill, but I didn't find anything. womp.. but I went to the mall and Sephora/Victoria Secret made up for it. 

I finally found a foundation that matches me, we'll see if it'll stay matching this summer. I doubt it but whatever I'm content for now. 

I'm a 178 and blends well with my yellow undertones...success! 

I've bee a fan of Victoria Secrets face primer ever since it came out, but they changed the formula on me, booo! at least it's oil free now.

I wanted a new scent for spring and I'm tired of Victoria's Bombshell smell, so I got a mini one just to feel it. I love the smell it's not too vanilla-y, the name pretty much describes it. It's divine. =)

Feb Faves:

I absolutely love Olay's Moisturizer. It's light and it doesn't make me look oily. I don't remember the price but its no more than $10.

I need makeup remover cloths becuase it's 10x easier to take off the makeup. The elf brand are only $3 at target.

I also been using the makeup mist and set from elf for $3. I don't notice the benefits of using it, maybe because it's so cheap but I use it anyways.

Lastly the maybelline lash stiletto is really good if you want something dramatic, its hard to reach the corners of your lashes but it does lengthen them without clumping.

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