Saturday, September 22, 2012

the best gift..

I love when he sends me his poetry on Facebook even though he's sitting right next to me his poetry always paints colorful abstract pictures in my head idk why but here's what he sent me tonight...

Crowned queen
Lavender sea swell african brown skin
Such a beautiful sight
Tangled love in confusing world
A lot of things aren't adding up
But the way the lavender sea swell the African brown skin
Have me oh so sure
Empress of the land
I protect with my bare hands
Hope she feel the love in my touch
Hold her tight under the peaceful lavender sea
Oh what a dream
Laying under the beautiful lavender sea
such a queen
And I am her caribbean king
Going to war
Under the tiny lavender sea


  1. aww thats cute!:)

  2. Amazing! I'm following and I hope you do the same :)

  3. that's really sweet <3.