Thursday, November 3, 2011

being a shopaholic..

What is a shopaholic? Someone who shops carelessly and spends money on things they dont need! I have allowed my shopping habbits get the best of me and now I have to hide my wallet, hide my debit card, and pretty much never go near a mall. I get paid tomorrow, and I'm going nuts. Luckily I don't like expensive stuff, or brand names because I'd be done for. But I work at target, part time which isn't much and I shop every weekend and blow off 100 a day. That's a problem. After I buy something I fuss to myself all the way home saying how I shouldnt have bought those $50 dollar minnetonka boots or I shouldn't have bought those pants even though I fell in love when I tried them on in the fitting room and I blacked out after that. Although I suck I have strategies that help me when I'm shopping like..

1. Only go to one store, that doesnt involve a mall. Like Ross, or TJ Maxx.
2. Never go shopping by myself, I cant rely on myself to say no.
3. BUDGET! this is the most important. Im tryna set it lower but it was $100 last week.
4. Eat before I go shopping, the more tired I am after eating the less I wanna walk around and stuff. lol itis..
5. The Goodwill, I can make a killing and save money at the same time! lol

Thats all I got so far.. If I can get to a point where I dont have to go shopping and be fine with life itself that would be great. What are some ideas you shopaholics have to save money or what do you do to resist the temptations?


  1. I have no boundaries when it comes to shopping. It's sad. I just feel like if I get somewhat attached to a item in a store, it's a sign. I know... it cant be healthy. *shrugs* SHOP NOW SAVE LATER !

  2. lol. i feel the same way , i guess i need 1 job for my shopping habit and another for my bills..