Thursday, November 17, 2011

yes! for shea moisture

I'm in love with shea moisture! Lately my hair hasn't been doing what I want and it's very frustrating. I honestly hate washing my hair every week because I'm a 4b-c and detangling is a pain in the butt. I was washing my hair with some cheap shampoo and not only was it stripping moisture from my hair, I found my self itching the life outta my scalp within 3 days..shame on me =(

I'm a bit of a cheapo when it comes to hair products because I hate investing and being disappointed but I bought the Deep Treatment mask and the curling and styling milk, both were $10.

Last Sunday I decided to switch up the regimen. I did an apple cider vinegar rinse (I take a cap full of acv mix it with water in a spray bottle and drench my hair with it) and I used the deep treatment mask. Its been 10 days since I've washed my hair and I haven't touched my scalp. I use coconut oil to moisturize my scalp and ends. Detangling after using the deep treatment mask was easy. There wasn't a lot of breakage and my hair was super soft. The styling milk is good also, it makes my hair all wavy looking lol. To all the naturals who hasn't tried it yet, your missing out lol it's definitely worth 10 dollars..

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