Wednesday, May 16, 2012

dodging "bad love" bullets.

21 years old is right around the corner and I'm proud to say that I'm officially not a sucker for love.
I feel like I been there done that when it comes to relationships.
I have come a mighty long way from holding my pillow at night wishing that the guy in my english class would notice me days...
 obviously that never got the guy to notice me and when they did they end up being not what I expected.
I know for a fact I need to stop jumping from one guy to the next in hopes of my version of a fairytale ending, a guy actually taking me out on a date!
It doesn't have to be the typical candle light dinner, why is that so hard?
 I don't want to hear it’s a recession either!
I just want a guy who loves to see a girl happy and not expect anything out of it.
Needless to say Shani don’t love them hoes and from now on Shani is on a hiatus...
I'm going to be unavailable and focus on what’s important the most, me.


  1. AMENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I did that... then some lovely prince charming waltzed into my life a bit over a year ago<3 patience is a virtue. Focus on yourself and you're the best catch!

    1. yup now im even more motivated to do me , wonderful =)