Monday, July 30, 2012


It’s like we spend our lives looking for that one connection to someone so we can have a reason to fall in love. 

Then we ignore all the red flags and the little voices in our head to stay in love.

And then we sit there stuck wondering why everything fell apart.

I want to ask him if he'd ever hurt me, but what's the point in that question.

His past sounds familiar to me, déjà vu.

He's been in a broken home, he's made plenty of mistakes too

but I'm sucked in because he said he’s a changed person. 

Should I trust him?

Or should I run. 

Ready. To leap blindlessly with hope for no more broken promises.

No more damn lies.

Just comfort and wholeness.

Living with no doubt, no regret.

A new chapter I can begin, the past I can soon forget.

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