Wednesday, August 8, 2012

new york

I finally moved to new york guys! I got here on Saturday and I've been so busy trying to get comfortable. And I'm most def selling my car because I got two tickets so far, sooooo annoying. But I'm not letting it bother me, I'm just excited for the fashion, food, culture and the opportunities.

If any of you guys live in NY and know any good entertainment and stuff you'd love to recommend, let me know. I need some new yorker friends. Lol



  1. I want to move to New York so bad - just for a few years - but my boyfriend is not game. So, I'll have to stick with my occasional visits :(

  2. Go shopping in Soho and the Village in the city. You'll fall in love. Also shop at the boutiques and thrift places in Williamsburg. They have a lot of nice, cool things. Uhm, hmm..... NETWORK A LOT! It will introduce you to a lot of cool gatherings in places that some New Yorkers haven't even been to themselves. Go to Long Beach or Jones Beach (you have to pay for Long Beach but I like it) they're both in Long Island and pretty much connected to one another. EAT PIZZA!!!! There's this spot in Brooklyn called Buff Patty (YUMMY WEST INDIAN FOOD THAT IS INEXPENSIVE! If you're into that) There's also a Thai restaurant in downtown Brooklyn called Joya. Their food is very yummy and their prices are very low. There's always live concerts that are free in the parks (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, etc) depending on where you want to go. They're relaxing and something nice to go to since it's always different music on different nights. I think I'm writing you a novel, lol sorry. It's things I enjoy since I'm a Brooklyn girl myself. I can't think of anything MAJOR right now, but yeah. (you'll fall IN LOVE during fashion week because there's events that you can enjoy ALL WEEK! lol) Other than typical things like the movies and the parties and the hookah lounges and going to the gym and other such things, these are things I think you should try :)

    1. thank you thank youuu! im so ready to network my butt off lol and im most def going to pretty much everything you said, i've been looking for some good thrift spots and im sooo going to that west indian spot, gracias! :)