Saturday, April 21, 2012


Summer heat.
With the temperatures increasing, I'm dreading each day as I miss the cool winter breeze.
Heat waves  rippling on the black asphalt holding up the gas guzzling trucks coughing out grey smoke out their pipes into the great blue sky.
Girls dressed so skimpy I can’t tell the difference between dogs and men, as their eyes fixate onto a statuesque woman's curves walking by.
Showing out; guys playing ball and girlfriends cruising down the street for everyone to see.
Music bursting, base bumping out the speakers. Windows down, shades on, young. wild. free.
Heat changed mentality, laid back lax lifestyle, fun and memories begin.
But I’ll always  remember December, those memories lies be continued


  1. I absolutely love your word play here. This gets me excited for the summer. haha :)