Sunday, April 8, 2012

dollar store treasures...

The dollar tree has some brand name items that you can find at walmart or target. I know the dollar tree doesn't sound appealing like I dont get food there.. smh.. but I get my cleaning supplies, school supplies, books (they got best selling authors books) organization supplies and my conditioner since I use a lot of conditioner for detangling and what not... =)

 This is the norm of what I buy/bought.. there's more but I couldn't find em.. Only a $1 though? get out of here....
I organize my makeup using glass candle holders, for how much? a dollar. mhmm dont sleep on the dollar tree folks! ^_^


  1. I so agree with you. The Dollar Tree is amazing. they carry basic necessities.

  2. Yes!!! I agree. I frequent the dollar store for items like Trash Bags, Cotton Balls, Nail files, etc. Who doesn't like to save? Some people are just too proud to stop by there but hey, I'll spend my ones. LOL