Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
1. I wish I never had sex. I overcame the pressure of having sex in Highschool, then completly gave my virginity my freshman year, to a douche bag! My first time was not pleasent and if I can take it back, I would...and who knows I'd be rocking my virginity just like back in highschool, lol.
2. I wish I never smoked weed. Another thing that came upon me in college. But I wont get into detail about that. Just know that I havnt smoked since June, and I'm proud! :D
3. I wish I never stayed quiet when I saw something that bothered me. Like if someone getting treated wrong for no reason, bullying, anything that people don't desreve! I was too afraid to stand up...shame on me!
4. I wish I never doubted God. I used to be the one who questioned him, the one who thought she can fix things all on her own, the one who did what she wanted because she felt that no one cared anyways. I'm not perfect and I still make the stupidest decisions, but I have complete faith in my Father.
5. I wish I never put so much trust into people (who arn't family). When it's all said and done they always let you down in the end. My family is not all close and lovey dovey like most families, but they do want the best for me.
6. I wish I never ignored my mom when she gave me some advice or some words of wisdom because whenever I'd get into drama, she was always right and she'll always say "but I told you, I been there done that."

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