Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear unborn,

I'm sorry I gave up on you. I was sick everyday, and I didn't know what to do. People say it wasn't born so it's not technically a human. But you were apart of me, and I learned to love you. But reality set in when your father didn't man up to his responsibilities. Nobody understands how alone I felt, how upset and disappointed I was with your father. But now I try not to show it and I try to enjoy my life. I try to make best of the situation because I'm not sick, not starving nor throwing up vile any more. But you were growing inside of me, and I came to terms and was actually happy for a moment because he was by my side. That's all that matters, my faith was on high. Until everything shattered in my face. For that time my mom and I were out of the city I ignored you, you were dead to me... Then I got back home and the week of the abortion I was so scared. But I knew he messed up with that shit on Facebook and how everyone knew. I'd be a fool to go back out with him after that situation. He shouldn't have told anyone I was having a baby in the first place. I needed time and he abused it. He abused me and now I'm bruised. And I feel like I wasted time. When people out there dying to have you in their stomachs I just threw you away. I was so anti-abortion before all this happened. You were a gift from God, unfortunately also a curse in my part, that's why they say babies can't have babies. Thats why it's important to be married then have kids. It says in the bible not to have premarital sex, And this is why. I'm prime example. I was supposed to marry your father but he was just talk. And he wanted to marry me after the fact. Your father was an immature fool. I know this sounds crazy, but I wonder if God recycles fetuses, you can be someone  miracle baby. Haha. Or maybe I have you on hold for one day when I'm really ready to have a child. Anythings possible with God. I'm sorry, and I'm ready to let go...

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