Thursday, August 25, 2011


Day Seven: Four things that boys do that you hate.
Dang, only 4?
1. Calling a female a Bitch. I don't care if she deserves it...I don't
2. When a guys approaching game falls short, "Hey ma, can I get your number?" yea, NO.
3. What's not okay for a female to do, it's okay for a male.."It's different." Nope! If you had a reason not to trust me, okay. But if you dont, why bother? your insecure...
4. I saved the best for last. "Oh you pretty for a dark skinned girl," I swear I can write a book on this. I'm shooting this one to the so called "brothas" out there b'cuz other races don't say this. Remember who had your back, back when the white people were doggin the color of your skin, whether you were light skinned or dark you were still a "nigger". That just grinds my gears, but I'm not saying you can't have your preference of females you find attractive, all colors are beautiful. But my preference is intelligence and thats the most ignorant thing I've ever heard come out of a boys mouth.
btw, I love how it says boy not men...hah


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