Friday, August 19, 2011


Day One: anything you want to say to ten different people right now(I changed it)
1. Myself - Remember what your goals are, and stay focused. No more getting caught up.
2. My Mom - I know I'm not like you, and we argue like sisters but I love you and I can't wait for you to begin your new journey.
3. My future husband - I know. You think I'm too young to be thinking about you and I don't even know who you are. You don't have to be a catch, you can be nerd for all I care...nerds are attractive haha. But whats important to me is that you treat me right and you love God, and meet me half way because if you do best believe I'll give you my all and more!(sorry I just got done watching Jumping the Broom)
4. Pooch Hall - Speaking of Jumping the Broom. You don't know me but if I could marry you, maaaaaan. (He's so fineeee, lmao)
5. Jayisme34 (yes twitter haha) - Dude, you intrigue me. You’re not like a lot of guys...the ones I could figure out right off the bat. I'm surprised I don't get bothered that you’re a non-believer. Probably because I was a bit of a non-believer myself, even though as a child I went to church. God got a hold of me though...a couple times actually and I was ignoring Him for sooo long because I was frustrated with the way the world is. I'm not perfect (thats why im not into the whole religion thing) but I'm trying, and I wish I can shake you into understanding the way I see it, but Ima leave it up to God.
6. My future child - I don't want you to be a burden in my life. I will give you a million times more than I ever had. You wont be a "love" child, nor a regret. You'll be a child of God, and I will love you and love you until your sick of it, even when you get older and you don't want a hug, I'll still give you one. I will be proud of whatever you do as long as your trying. And when you dont feel like trying, I'll push you...just a lil.
7. My Bestfriend since 7th Grade - B-hizzle! Even though we haven’t been the definition of bestfriends in a while you still are. You’ve been my inspiration for soo long, because you don't care what people think and you always keep it real. Your so driven and you don’t stick to the status-quo, your different and just your own dang self! lol We probably have about a ka-jillion inside jokes and I hope it'll never end.
8. Maya Angelou - You are inspiration. I don’t know the personal you but the you that you display for everyone to see, you are amazing. You are wise, something I hope to become when I'm seasoned in the world. Even though I cant that far! When it comes to that, I know I have something to look forward to, seriously.
9. Dad - I pray and pray for you to be healthy. Sometimes I don't want to care because you shut me out your other life, and it's not right but I've come to terms and I just need to stop trippin about it because obviously your wife is more important, I can't win but I love you.
10. Jesus - You already know whats in my heart, Thank you. <3

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