Wednesday, August 17, 2011

when you think it's over...

19 year old girl has been away from her mothers house for 5 days. Her mother is hurting her emotionally with her words, making her feel like she's nothing, like she can't do anything right.

She is insecure, apprehensive, and misunderstood.

Her boyfriend broke up with her at approximately 12:44pm. After he allegedly wanted a break. There's no further information on if they reconciled.

She is hurt, confused, lifeless, and broken.

For as long as she remembered shes been trying to find a job. But unfortunately she hasn't found a break or any luck with anyone calling or hiring her.

She irritated, depressed, restless, and sick.

She has a Father that is watching over her, who has a glorious plan for her. She doesn't know what it is but He does as long as she puts her faith in Him.

She's thankful, humble, joyful, and hopeful for what HE has in store.

No matter what comes in the way, makes you take 3 steps back, or hurts you. Remember God loves you and will never leave your side. =)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. . I definitely could have used these words yesterday, but it works for today too :)